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Vote for A Better Bernalillo County

Vote for A Better Bernalillo County

By Elbow Room NM Staff Writer

With all the talk about this year’s election, don’t forget to pay attention to the bonds on the ballot.  Bernalillo County GO Bonds are the way our streets get repaired, flooding is handled, playgrounds and parks are upgraded and more facilities become handicap accessible.  Many of us don’t know what the bonds are or how they come to be.  So talked Elbow Room NM talked with a Bernalillo County bond committee member.

So, who decides what the bond will cover?

CIP (Capital Infrastructure Projects)  meetings are held.  Residents have the opportunity to bring projects to the county’s attention.  And the county has a list of projects that need additional funding, like our animal shelters that are being upgraded in phases.  Examples of projects that are up for discussion are infrastructure upgrades on our streets, storm drains, parks and more.  The projects are then rated by a county committee as far as priority and need.

Voting on a GO Bond does not mean new taxes will be levied or that there is an increase in taxes. Where does the money come from if taxes aren’t raised? 

Older bonds are retired as they are paid and new bond money is issued in its place, that is why taxes stay the same.

The matching dollars, how does that happen?

Through grants and requests that require a government entity to supply matching funds.

What bonds are up for a vote this year?

Below is a list of the Bernalillo County GO Bonds that are on the ballot this year and a brief description of what upgrades will be done.

  • Little Leagues Benefit

BernCo GO Bond #1

All library branches will benefit from this bond that will keep our Albuquerque / Bernalillo County Library system updated and to assure a quality educational resource for everyone.

BernCo GO Bond #2

This bond benefits the county’s animal shelter, radios and towers, Fire Stations 36 and 43 and the county’s public buildings.  The bond calls for a new animal shelter, new radios and towers for law enforcement and public safety employees, improvements to two fire stations (to be done in phases) and replacing aging systems in county buildings and install ADA (American Disability Act)  improvements.

BernCo GO Bond #3 

Our parks and rec facilities benefit from bond three.  These include a Fallen Officer Memorial at Arroyo del Osa Park, and the East Mountains, the South Valley Pool and Paradise Hills Pool  improvements done in phases, ball field redevelopment in phases to the Tom Tenorio Park, as well as ball field improvements for the South Valley Little League and East Mountain Little League.  In addition, playgrounds throughought the county will have improvements.  Also benefitting from this bond is a multi-purpose satellite recreation facility to serve the North Valley, and ADA upgrades to all parks, recreation, and open space facilities.

BernCo Go Bond #4

Bond Four is all about transportation and mobiity.  This includes extending Sunport Boulevard from Broadway to I-25, reconstruction of Bridge Blvd from Coors and Isleta Blvd, improvements, paving and rehab of roads in Districts 1, 4 &5, roadway striping, traffic calming and gardrails around the county.  The bond also allows for a traffic study to improve Woodward from Broadway to 2nd Street, and providing matching funds to the state to improve various school bus routes including paving, drainage, and safety improvements.

BernCo GO Bond #5

Bond Five covers reducing flood damage, increasing storm drainage projects, working on sewer infrastructure, and fiber optic installation.  The areas benefitting from this bond are North Edith, Barcelona Road, North Albuquerque Acres, North Valley, Coors & Black intersection, Bridge Blvd and Sunset Rd. The bond calls for fiber opti installation and for that installation to be coordinated with other utility work where able.

BernCo GO Bond #6  

Bond Six brings a “Tiny House Project” to our county, in conjunction with the city of Albuquerque and area nonprofits to build a community for homeless housing.  This bond also allows for renovation of rental units throughout the county.

 Early voting has already started, for more information  and where to vote, visit the Bernalillo County website.