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To understand how my wire veins frayed, you have to know
what I did.

I tried to eat molasses chips but couldn’t because I found out
that I was more computer than human. When the chips entered
my system, I rejected them, and I ran slower. I had a virus, and
it was shutting down pertinent applications.

My system rebooted, but with many flaws. There was no choice
but to accept crashing.

Some nights I wake up sweaty, and then I see time. It is gold
light, and it burns.



adam-crittendenAdam Crittenden holds an MFA in poetry from New Mexico State University where he was awarded an Academy of American Poets Prize. His work has appeared in decomP, Bayou Magazine, Barn Owl Review, Whiskey Island, and other journals. Blood Eagle is his first full-length book of poetry and is available now from Gold Wake Press. Currently, he teaches writing in Albuquerque at Central New Mexico Community College.