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Footfalls in Foothills

Footfalls in Foothills
This mountain range, pointing purposely 
To, and even into, deep space electricity, 
Silhouettes the sound waves 
Of our silence.
Rise and release and rise and release and 
Our predictable quick intakes touch 
The beyond -
Why are we surprised by such 
Predictable measures? As poetry, we 
Acknowledge our repeated and mutual 
That this is breathing,
We are breath.


Mary Dezember believes in freedom of expression, inclusivity, 
pluralism, and creating awareness that catalyzes healing. 
Professor of English, she teaches creative writing, art history 
and literature at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. 
She earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Indiana University, 
with an emphasis on poetry and with Ph.D. minors
in Performance Studies and Art History.

Foothills Photograph by Thomas Shellberg.