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When A Pirate Falls In Love

When A Pirate Falls In Love


Only ever ready to take bearing
From the wind captured by his sails
Rebelling against everything but the horizon
His thoughts never abaft.

When a pirate falls in love
It can be only with the sea
Ever in her recklessness with men’s hearts
Pitching, rolling, starboard to port
In her unfathomable bane.

He can do little to placate
But surrender to her ever changing breath
That guides and pulls
At his ever restless ardor.

Though her seasons may alter
He can only adjust direction
For if he fails to keep her influence
It will be the doldrums
In spite of him.


When a pirate falls in love
It can be only with the sea
Her salty spray and jagged white peaks
Are all that can satisfy
His headlong steadfast need
And restive ill at ease.




aaron stout author of when a pirate falls in loveAaron Stout is a pipe smoking poet, a restless seeker of what is beautiful, and recklessly content with a path less traveled. He is also rather vain about his beard. Aaron’s poetry first found its way into CNM’s annual literary magazine, Leonardo, and then local New Mexico poetry anthology, Adobe Walls. He lives with his dachshund, Celie, in a small studio apartment, where he finds solace enough to spill his words out onto little scraps of paper and too many yellow legal pads. Although Aaron is a practiced procrastinator, he is actively seeking what comes next; like graduate school, or maybe traveling to far off places. But for now, he cooks on a line, loves hard, and according to some, is “amazing in the best way possible.”