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your belly
and my hand
talk to each other of times before us
they talk all night of blood
and rain
and the god forsaken push
taking us to the edge of nothingness and back
your belly blends into the ears in my palm
and whispers that it knows my secrets

my palm breaks down in tears
pooling in your belly button
deep as northern lakes

telling it stories of my failures
how my crook-neck speed went sailing
into the mouths of women
how it came to the end of bloody-lipped nights
and bellies before us pushed the breath of insult into air

my hand is too rough for your belly
having knotted itself around branches for war
writing scriptures into motion
bleeding repeatedly

my hand,
who doesn’t even trust himself
why would he?
who is unworthy of your softness
my hand who gained nothing
my hand who learned bad games
from bad men
and learned them so well
he’s passed them on to bellies chests and jaws
from one end of earth to the other

your belly
who bled before my hands could shed
gathers up my hand like pieces
of a broken monster
ready for a new face
your belly makes amends
your belly teaches caressing
your belly softly speaks the truth to my fingers
tells them the tale of before us
before me
before there was anything but satisfaction in the world and
how you knew it before it knew itself

your belly
and my hand
slide into each other
and we all-night slowly let them
we don’t try for anything else
so even the lack of sex is like redemption

so solid into darkness your belly tells me everything
i ever couldn’t find without my hands
you breathe
i hold
you let me touch my frightened
palm into your silk
until we fall
asleep not wondering

where your fingers meet my
stomach meets my palm into your pelvis
nothing but breathing


and nothing
to prove.


Aaron J. Trumm was once the 10th ranked slam poet in the known universe, but he started and continually returns to music.  He has been in studios and on stage for 21 years.  His lyrics balance edge with positivity; he puts modern twists on traditional methods, like putting rap and singing

on top of a live band; and he balances life, refusing to let dreams go by the wayside. Aaron’s influences vary, from The Roots, for their honest, creative story telling , to Rage Against The Machine, because they’re revolutionaries who can rock, to Johhny Cash and Bob Wills, who buck the  stifling traditions and closed mindedness of the country establishment.  As a poet he asks after poets like Saul Williams and Rilke, and more recently, loves Hafiz and Rumi more than most. Aaron fuses these elements to make a rappin, rockin, blues man, lover AND warrior, who is equally at home in the mix as he is at the piano or on the mica or in verse.  He writes regularly for Recording Magazine, and will post music industry blog rants and occassional technical info at Aaron offers free downloads at and can be reached directly on Facebook or Twitter @AaronJTrumm or email at