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Whereas our Governor chooses to devalue the voices, minds, and bodies of our children.

Whereas the youth of our state continue to struggle at the hands of their own mothers, fathers, and the institutions established to recognize, educate, and protect them.

Whereas the numerous bodies of our babies, black, white, brown, and every shade of the sunset and land we are wrapped in, are used as collateral in politically motivated agendas that fail to serve anyone but those behind closed doors.

Whereas progress is halted by the few, those invested in things not of our future, our most precious resource.

Whereas cultural bloodletting and erasure run rampantly in the systems designed to work against what we know to be our story.

Whereas this is no longer our story.

Whereas we would like you to hear our story.

Whereas men with the names of Maestas, Sanchez, and Martinez, names brown like the soil that birthed them, recognize the product of proper cultivation.

Whereas cultural curators are cut down in a battle protecting fruitful minds and bodies, hungry for knowledge, for light, for safety.

Whereas names like Omaree and Victoria slip out of our lips and onto TV screens, but not into stories that end.

Whereas history is doomed to repeat itself.

Whereas letters like CYFD feel all too familiar – and ABCs are not a re-focusing worth engaging in dialogue about.

Whereas an additional  ONE PERCENT is seen as too large a number, too much of an investment, in a system struggling for air in 49th place.

Whereas there seems to be nothing but rain in the desert.
Whereas there seems to be no voice for the desert.
Whereas our children have been rendered invisible in the desert.



Carlos Contreras is Community Engagement Strategist at Progress Now New Mexico and owner of ImmaStar Productions.