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Grow Veggies for Peanuts : Plant Your Scraps!

Grow Veggies for Peanuts :  Plant Your Scraps!

 Tired of paying $1 for a bulb of garlic that’s halfway to dried out and only gets worse in your pantry?  Take a couple of cloves, bury them in a sunny place in your yard and watch them sprout. Don’t worry about which way to plant them; the cloves will turn themselves toward the sun.  So simple!

Open up your favorite chile pepper, shake the seeds into fertilized potting soil, move it into the sun. Water it twice a week. Whether spicy hot or mild, you’ll have plenty for salsa all summer—and a pretty plant for your terra-cotta pot.

Rinse and repeat for tomatoes.  Seriously, just like peppers, you can regrow tomatoes in the exact same way, but you need to rinse and dry the seeds first.

If you love celery for its crunch but don’t use the whole bunch, keep the bottom few inches instead of throwing it away. Let it sprout in a pot or can on a windowsill—in just a few days you’ll have a healthy plant you can relocate outdoors. If you keep it inside, the plant will not be as robust, but you’ll still have stalks to chop into a salad or stew.

And you don’t have to live in Hawaii to regrow a pineapple.  In fact warm climates,  like ours in New Mexico, works well for them.  Cut the top off of your pineapple and insert a few toothpicks to hold it above a container filled with water.  Place the container in direct sunlight if the weather is consistantly warm you can set it outside.  Change the water daily. You should have  roots in about a week or so and once they are formed you can transplant into potting soil.

You know that old trick for growing avocados, right? Sure you do! Share your thrifty gardening stories with us here at Elbow Room.

Share your thrifty gardening stories with us here at Elbow Room: