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From a book I’ve learned how to send
nightmares like love letters returned to sender.
I’ll need red paper, a black goat, coriander,
and blood. Still, the instructions are vague.

They don’t say where nightmares breed.
They don’t say if they will be like the ones
you had when you slept beside me: my cat,
tiger-sized, pulling you from the bed by your foot.

Or if they will be the nightmares where the hand|
reaches to the windowsill to place an apple,
again and again, and all the while you know
something horrible has begun.


Felecia Caton Garcia is the author of a chapbooks “Pos orale!,” and teaches writing and cultural studies at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque. “Hex” is a selection from “Say That,” her new collection of poems published by University of New Mexico Press, part of their Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series.