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Author: Stephanie Hainsfurther

Catch That Buzz: Pollination Fest Celebrates Bees & Beyond

By Samantha Anne Carrillo Humanity has amassed an impressive body of knowledge about nature’s own means of spreading life across this planet. But the science of flora’s self-propagation—namely the study of pollination by insects, a.k.a. anthecology—remains difficult to separate from an element of folksy magic. Take, for instance, the slight yet powerful bee, whose perfectly fuzzy body—designed to collect and disperse pollen—possesses an innate electrostatic charge. There are other insects and indeed animals that pollinate, including, moths, bats, some rodents and birds, but the mighty bee is nature’s most flawless agent of vital dispersal. Organizational support from Think Like...

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Music Reviews: Sgt. Pepper’s 50th, Buckingham/McVie and Katy Perry’s Witness

By Samantha Anne Carrillo The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Capitol Records From Beatles completists raised on The Fab Four to nascent noobs accessing the band’s work through their parents’ iTunes accounts, the 50th anniversary edition release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band commemorates a sea change in our cultural history. The ultimate triumph of postmodernism in pop music can be reflected on—that was a big deal in the late ’60s, when items like Sgt. Pepper’s nimbly demonstrated how the counterculture was taking over—or compared with the latest in youth culture; the work’s heady tone stands...

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Gathering Together: Dara Saville Talks Wildcrafting, Restoration

By Samantha Anne Carrillo Albuquerque Herbalism Founder Dara Saville is in a longterm relationship with riparian restoration work and the replanting of native plants in the Bosque. As a longtime volunteer with the Bosque Ecological Monitoring Program (BEMP) and an herbal studies instructor, Saville also served as catalyst for the formation of The Yerba Mansa Project. In partnership with the City Open Space Division, Albuquerque Herbalism is restoring these plants to the Bosque ecosystem while doing educational outreach about the Bosque’s ecological significance to New Mexico’s native plants and animals. In addition to her own wellness practice and teaching...

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Are you missing AFME? Tickets available now at!

Elbow Room Magazine is at the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience all week, reporting on highlights of the day and night, and teasing all of the special appearances, after-parties and other good things coming up. Go to our Facebook page @elbowroomnm to read reporter Bill Nevins’s daily takes on this quintessentially Albuquerque experience. Visit for the full week’s schedule of screenings, parties and special events, and all venue information. Get your tickets...

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Update on June 11 American String Quartet program: Simms Auditorium, Albuquerque Academy, 4 p.m.

The American String Quartet are performing the Beethoven Op. 18/6, not the Op. 95 as stated in the published interview with violist Daniel Avshalomov. Comments in an email today from Avshalomov: “The Quartet in Bb Major, Op. 18 no. 6 is the last of Beethoven’s so-called ‘early’ quartets, completed circa 1800. “Of those six it is by far the most advanced (and my favorite as well). Its first movement tempo is the poster child for the arguments concerning the composer’s metronome markings. At whole-note = 80, it is unplayably fast; those groups who have attempted that speed have invariably produced caffeine nightmares....

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