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Catch That Buzz: Pollination Fest Celebrates Bees & Beyond

By Samantha Anne Carrillo Humanity has amassed an impressive body of knowledge about nature’s own means of spreading life across this planet. But the science of flora’s self-propagation—namely the study of pollination by insects, a.k.a. anthecology—remains difficult to separate from an element of folksy magic. Take, for instance, the slight yet powerful bee, whose perfectly fuzzy body—designed to collect and disperse pollen—possesses an innate electrostatic charge. There are other insects and indeed animals that pollinate, including, moths, bats, some rodents and birds, but the mighty bee is nature’s most flawless agent of vital dispersal. Organizational support from Think Like...

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5 Things Your Yard Does For You

….(Even When You Are Away) You might be taking a summer vacation this year, but did you know your living landscape (grass, trees, shrubs, and flowering plants) never takes a break? Even when we’re sleeping or spending time away from home, our family yards are working hard for us, providing important environmental and health benefits. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) uncovers the top five benefits our living landscapes deliver, without us even realizing it. Family yards cool our communities. Grass makes our communities cooler – and not just in the popularity sense. Lawns can be 31 degrees cooler...

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From a Spark to a Flame – The Story of Sparky

By Greta Weiner Sparky is a terrier.  Terriers are barkers.  I’m pretty sure some ogre in Southern New Mexico thought slicing him up and tossing him in the back yard was a good way to stop a dog from barking.  A little 9 lb young terrier. That’s the beginning of this tale.  A little dog tossed, knifed, in the back yard. For a week. A neighbor asked if he could take the dog to the shelter and it was there that Sparky got the medical attention that he needed. But with being sliced open, tested, operated on, given medication...

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Step Away from the Geraniums

You see them everywhere: bedding plants in flashy colors that make your drab little stucco house cry out for Geraniums! Marigolds! Petunias! And your tired little dinners shriek Basil! Cilantro! Dill! Stop that right now. Despite the unseasonably warm weather in February and March, we are being played for April Fools by Mother Nature and the big-box stores. Ignore the rafts of hothouse-grown plants shivering outside of Albertsons. Those buyers at Home Depot have no idea what thrives in New Mexico in early Spring. Do not post on Facebook “Oh, I hope my poor little basil plants make it...

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Best Plants for NM Interview

Catch our interview with Baker H. Morrow, New Mexico Landscape Architect and Author, on the updated edition of his classic book, Best Plants for New Mexico Gardens and Landscapes: Keyed to Cities and Regions in New Mexico and Adjacent Areas, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback). Coming April...

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